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Steinway B Grand Piano (7ft)

 A100 Organ w Leslie (Lo Boy)

Vintage Fender Rhodes & Cabinet

Dave Smith OB-6

Dave Smith Prophet

Yamaha Montage 8

Nord Stage 8

Roland RD - 2000

Fender Deluxe Reissue

Martin Acoustic Gtr - 12 String (1957)

Fender Stratocaster (American)

Gibson Les Paul Goddess

Fender PBass (American) - 4 String

Hofner Bass - 4 String

Vintage Hofner Bass - 4 String

Yamaha Bass Guitar - 5 String

Akai MPC 4000 


5.5x14 Sonor Artist Series Snare

6x14 Sonor Steve Smith Snare

8x13 Allegra Snare (Wood Hoop)

5.5x14 Ayotte Keplinger Snare

8x14 Porkpie Snare (Bubinga)

6.5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

5x10 DW Soprano Snare

5x14 DW Collectors Snare (Brass)

3.5x 14 Pearl Piccalo Snare (Maple) 

6.5x14 Tama Starclassic Snare

6.5x14 Canopus Steel Snare

5x14 Canopus Steel Snare 


Paiste 17" Dark Energy Crash 

Paiste 18' Dark Energy Crash

Paiste 19" Dark Energy Crash

Paiste 19" 2002 Crash

Paiste 22" Dark Energy Ride

Paiste 22" Twenty Ride

Paiste 14" Dark Energy Hi-Hats

Sabian 18' Ozone Crash

Sabian 17" Legacy Crash

Sabian 18' Legacy Crash

Sabian 18" AAX China

Sabian 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride

Zildjan 14" K Dark Hats

Zildjan 14" New Beat Hi Hats

Zildjan 13" New Beat Hi Hats

Zildjan 14" Constantinople Hi Hats

Zildjan 22" Vintage A Ride

Zildjan 20" K Custom Flat Ride 


Sonor SQ2 (Birdseye Maple) 

26x20 Kick Drum 

Sonor Delite (Birdseye Maple) 

22x18 Kick Drum

8x8 Rack Tom

10x8 Rack Tom

14x14 Floor Tom

16x16 Floor Tom 


Ludwig '73 

24x14 Kick Drum

13x10 Rack Tom

14x12 Rack Tom

16x16 Floor Tom

Tama (Bubinga/Birch)

The Actual Jay Leno Kit

24x18 Kick Drum

13x12 Rack Tom

18x16 Floor Tom

20x16 Floor Tom


20x14 Kick Drum

12x10 Rack Tom

16x16 Floor Tom


Roc N Soc Hydrolic Drum Throne

DW 9000 Double Pedal

DW 5000 Single Pedal


Alex Acuña Special Edition Quinto

Alex Acuña Special Edition Conga

Alex Acuña Special Edition Tumba

Alex Acuña Special Edition Bongos

Alex Acuña Signature Timbales

Alex Acuña Special Edition Cajon

Meinl Artisan Edition Cajon

Marion Djembe 

Gon Bops Bronze Bar Chimes

Gon Bops Shell Chimes (wood)

Daniel de los Reyes Tamborine

Assorted LP Shakers 

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